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SM-J3110ZCU1APE9_FULL four Files

You tin download Odin, it likewise offers a detailed listing of Odin versions as well as download link. Or you lot tin e’er Google “Odin download”.    After downloading it on your PC, extract it to Desktop or around other place you’d prefer.
1.     Follow these steps to run across Download Mode/Odin Mode
2.     Power off your device
3.     Press as well as hold Volume Down key, Home Key and Power Key
4.     When your device vibrates, release Power key spell proceed belongings the Volume Down key and Home key
5.     Press Volume Up key to run across Download mode, which has a dark-green robot figure as well as “Downloading… Do non plow off target!!)
You device should hold upwards automatically recognized yesteryear Odin. At the lower-left of Odin interface, it should demonstrate a message that says “Added!” as well as inwards the meantime you lot should regard a light-blue box at the ID:COM department stating “COM:3” (the publish depend on which USB port you lot bring plugged the device cable as well as is irrelevant
Step 6: Click “PDA” or “AP” to add together tar.md5 file that you lot bring extracted as well as hence “Start”.
Whether it is “PDA” or “AP” depends on the version of Odin that you lot used. But the md5 file goes to either “PDA” or “AP”.
After adding the file, click “Start” to laid about the flashing process.
When the flashing procedure is done as well as if everything goes well, you lot should regard a big dark-green box maxim “RESET” or “PASSED” (depends on the version of Odin is used). By now, the device should hold upwards rebooted as well as it is prophylactic to remove/unplug your device.
If failed, what should you lot do?
·         Try these things first:
·         Update your device driver software to the latest.
·         Restart your computer.
·         Run Odin equally Administrator.
·         Try dissimilar cable (original 1 or the 1 amongst ameliorate quality) as well as USB port (the master copy port recommended)
·         Re-download the firmware file, brand certain it is intact as well as jibe your device model