Qmobile Z10 Mt6735 Firmware / Flash File / Scatter File / Dead Recovery

MT6735__QMOBILE Z10__QMOBILE Z10__5.1__ALPS.L1.MP3.V2.21_6753.65U.G_P53
Q Mobile Z10 Has TWO Type Of Firmware You Need To Flash With Correct One
First Type File Size Is
3.16 GB (3,403,792,648 bytes)
Second Type File Size Is
2.75 GB (2,959,159,466 bytes)
If you lot handset is inwards dead status thus Erase Whole Flash With CM2 OR SP Flash Tool Then Again Flash With Correct One.. Your Problem Will Be Solved

Wish you lot skilful luck
1. Power Off Phone , Remove battery , Insert dorsum 2. Insert USB cable. In around cases require concur BootKey  Wait for phone... Phone found! [ 43 ] Sync... Inital Boot Ok! BB_CPU_PID : 6735 BB_CPU_NME : [MediaTek] MT6735_S00 BB_CPU_EXT : 0xCA00 , 0x8A00 , 0x0000 Processing BROM phase Settings for BROM configured! SecCfgVal : 0x00000000 BromVer   : 0x00FF BLVersion : 0x0001 PreLoader : Active [ Boot amongst PL ] BootLdrSS : NORMAL amongst SPRELOADER Processing DA phase DA Select done, volition run MTK_AllInOne_DA_v5.1620.10.01 Sending together with initialize DA ... Running DA ver.4.2 on BBID : 0x93 NAND Flash : NOT INSTALLED eMMC Flash : 484A01906532474104A707059B38E294 Initialize Memory ...  DRAM already initialized yesteryear Preloader DAgent sent , init HW right away eMMC FlashIC initialized [eMMC] : FLASH_VEN : 0x90 , OEM : 014A [eMMC] : FLASH_INF : [HYNIX] , e2GA [eMMC] : FLASH_CID : 90014A48414732650507A70494E2B29B [eMMC] : FLASH_BRT : 0x00400000 , 0x00400000 , 0x00400000 [eMMC] : FLASH_LEN : 0x00000003AB800000 [eMMC] : FLASH_UCP : 15032 MiB [eMMC xvi GiB] DEV RID    : 0xB51C1DE3F3DBC814AB30FD601D9C3F73 INT RAM    : 0x00020000 EXT RAM    : 0xC0000000 [3 GiB] BOOT TYPE  : EMMC_FLASH_BOOT SOC VERIFY : C1 Boot Ok!  ScatCFG : BaseBand : MT6753 , Project : l5460 , Storage : EMMC Setting : Flash Pre-Erase (Safe) : Enabled Setting : AFF verify :  Enabled Setting : HW verify :  Enabled  BL : Check HW compatibility BL : BBID supported yesteryear BootLoader! BL : Check eMMC compatibility BL : eMMC supported yesteryear BootLoader!  BL : BatteryLevel : 3723 mV BL : BatteryLevel Ok  BL : Flash Pre-Erase Total blocks to Erase : two Erase : 0x0000000001C80000-0x0000000004D80000 Erase : 0x0000000006B00000-0x00000003A3C80000 Flash Pre-Erase Done, fourth dimension used : 00:00:10  SecCfg Passed , 1799 BMT remark non need. Will skip Sending Preloader ...  Use : preloader_l5460.bin Preloader Sent , Init passed SecCfg Passed , 1799 PartCount : 0016 Update PMT yesteryear user asking Repartition Done!  Processing : Flash Write Flash right away : LK Image Flash Ok Flash right away : BOOT Image Flash Ok Flash right away : RECOVERY Image Flash Ok Flash right away : LOGO Image Flash Ok Flash right away : SECRO Image Flash Ok Flash right away : TEE1 Image Flash Ok Flash right away : TEE2 Image Flash Ok Flash right away : SYSTEM Image Flash Ok Flash right away : CACHE Image Flash Ok Flash right away : USERDATA Image Flash Ok Flash Write Done, fourth dimension used : 00:05:46  Processing : Verify Verify Passed : LK Verify Passed : BOOT Verify Passed : RECOVERY Verify Passed : LOGO Verify Passed : SECRO Verify Passed : TEE1 Verify Passed : TEE2 Verify Passed : SYSTEM Verify Passed : CACHE Verify Passed : USERDATA Data Verify Done, fourth dimension used : 00:00:53  Update Mirror PMT Update Done!  Update RomInfo done  Done! Elapsed: 00:07:08 Reconnect Power/Cable!

How to flash stock firmware rom (flash file)
Step 1: Download together with extract the firmware on your computer.
Step 2: After extracting you lot direct maintain to download SP Tool if you lot already direct maintain skip this step.
Step 3: Install the USB Driver (Skip if drivers are already installed).
Step 4: Open SP Flash tool together with charge the Scatter file from the firmware Folder.
Step 5: Click on Upgrade / Download Button inwards the Sp flash tool to commence the flashing process.
Step 6: Connect your smartphone to the figurer using the usb Driver.
Step 7: Green Ring volition seem at the destination of successful Flash.
Important notes:
Although this firmware is tested all the same direct maintain a backup of your mobile information earlier flashing or installing the firmware on your smartphone. As this volition assistance you lot to recover the information whenever whatever affair incorrect happens to your mobile.  

Other version of this handset is 

MT6753_QMobile Z10_ALPS.L1.MP3.V2.21_6753.65U.G_P35_20160109_121749

if you lot postulate this firmware you lot tin download from needrom !!! 
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